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November, 2017

To ensure the best services possible to individuals with mental illnesses, we have increased service capacity over this last year. Psychiatry is our vital core service, yet our ability to provide psychiatry has been reduced by the permanent elimination of state psychiatry grants two years ago. To meet some of the urgent need for psychiatry, we have hired two additional part time psychiatrists and an Advanced Practice Nurse. We have also improved access to counseling services within this last year and have added a third Saturday each month to meet the needs of working families. In addition, we have started offering a new evidence based group therapy service, Moral Reconation Therapy, and have successfully established two active groups. We have also revised the curriculum used for our Intensive Outpatient Crisis Program.

To further improve client services we created a comprehensive cultural competency plan and two evidence based practices. Staff cultural sensitivity trainings were held, which have helped our providers understand the culture/ethnic values, challenges and behavior norms among people who identify as Latino, African American, Asian and/or LGBQ. Also, to ensure that all direct services providers understand and can utilize evidence based practices that are key to our service provision, we have trained all service providers in motivational interviewing and trauma informed care. We will continue to offer cultural sensitivity and evidence based training to our new service providers.

Over this last year, we have continued to reach out to other community organizations, including government and non-profit human service organizations, doctors’ offices, police departments and churches, in an effort to build and strengthen working relationships and increase referrals. We have sought new funders and have applied to several new foundations. We have also secured funding to replace our roof at our main outpatient facility.

We are deeply grateful for the contributions and support of our donors and volunteers, both old and new, because it enables us to carry on our mission of empowering our clients in creating their highest quality of life.


Timothy Sheldon                                        Karen Beyer
Board Chairman                                         CEO

Board of Directors (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017)


Chairman - Timothy Sheldon                   
Judge, Retired
Vice Chairman - Russell Matson                   
Public Safety Officer, Elgin Police Dept.
Secretary -  Sandy Kaptain                        
Registered Nurse
Treasurer -  Stephen Tousey
Attorney at Law - Early, Tousey, Regan & Wlodek



Dave Conroy - Sales Manager, Gordon Flesch Co.
Jack Hein - Associate, Thrivent Financial
Alan Kirk - COO, Results Medical Consulting, LLC
Dr. Alan Polse, DDS - Alan M. Polse & Associate                                     
Aaron Sellers - CEO, Comprehensive Training Solutions, Inc.
Dr. Robert Tiballi, D.O., MBA - President & CEO, Germbusters, P.C.
Hon. Robert Villa, Associate Judge, 16th Judicial Court

Committee Members:

Susan Angell-Case
Meghan Early
Robert Gorski
Laurie Huske
John Ostrem
Tim Schmitz
Robert Steffen

Management Team:

Executive Director
Caroline Bailey, MSW, LCSW
Director of PEP & Therapy Services
Tim Bates, BS
Director of Financial & Office Operations
Victoria Gesinger, MA, LCPC
Director of Residential Services
Ramona Grauzinis, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Director of Resource Development
Heidi Napolitano, MSN, FNP-BC
Director of Medical Services
Daphne Sandouka, Ed.D, LCPC
Director of Therapy Services
Rick Vander Forest, MS
Director of Social Services & Facilities


Total number of People Served FY 2017                    3,159

The Ecker Center is a comprehensive community mental health center
where clients often receive multiple services.
Service Recipients of Service
Psychiatric Emergency Program 1,395
Crisis Residential Program 101
Therapy 889
Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program 211
Case Managers 1,462
Psychiatric Nurses 693
Psychiatric Evaluations & Psychiatric Services 1,025
Residential 181
Community Revenue  
   Fundraising $   100,893
   United Way and Community Chest,           
       Municipalities and Townships       40,028
   Other     222,209
Total Community Revenue $  363,130
Government Revenue       
   Illinois Department of Human Services $2,169,489
  Department of Housing and Urban       Development     698,198
   Other     298,055
Total Government Revenue $3,165,742
Agency General Revenue  
   Program Service Fees $1,596,615
   Investment and Other Income       72,818
Total Agency Generated Revenue $1,669,433
TOTAL REVENUE $5,198,305
Direct Program Expenses  
  Therapy Programs $   602,610
  Intake        40,043
  Nursing      161,115
  Psycho-social Rehabilitation      270,575
  Psychiatric Services      269,758
  Case Management      461,974
  Psychiatric Emergency Program      376,046
  Community Integrated Living     Arrangement              12
  Transition Coordination        15,444
  Preadmission Assessment Screening        73,951
  Supported Residential Program      584,174
  HUD On-Site Staff      242,854
  Grandstand HUD Leasing      236,599
  Hunter's Ridge HUD Leasing      355,744
  Supervised Residential      376.932
  Crisis Residential      384,555
Total Program Expenses $4,452,386
Support Services  
   Administration $   419,221
   Fundraising       56,463
Total Support Services      475,684